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[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the city part of department stores, supermarkets, shops selling shoes, casual shoes, sneakers quality monitoring. After testing, there are 45 batches of substandard goods, Belle, Nike, Puma, Crocs and a number of consumers familiar with the brand list. The main problem is the presence of the monitoring of substandard goods, including peel strength and sensory quality substandard. Peel strength is an important quality indicators of footw cheap jordans online ear products, consumer complaints over the years is the most quality problems. Peel strength refers to the upper and the sole adhesion fastness, after test whether the consumer wearing easy to open plastic. Monitoring found that the index of 58.7% of the total failure of substandard goods. Otherwise substandard products sensory quality of 31 batches. Sensory quality is judged footwear products indispensable quality indicators. National standard, shoes should look smooth, flat service, smooth, clean, symmetrical, insole shoes, uppers Retro jordans for sale , insoles, etc. should meet the relevant requirements. Monitoring found that substandard goods, some help face significant bleaching, easily lead to color migration; some bead does not close, causing the overall appearance significantly sensory quality defects; some serious discrepancies in the fabric material and identify the nominal, misleading consumers . Monitoring found that Shanghai Pacific Department Store Co., Ltd. Huaihai Branch nominal sales by Nike Sports (China) Co., woman running shoes "Nike (NIKE)" (Model specificati Retro jordans for sale ons: 443861-501), to help end the peel strength failed. Shanghai Hongqiao Huijin Department Store Co., nominal sales by the Libin (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (supply) of the "Puma (PUMA)" brand casual shoes (Model specifications: 30207407), Shanghai Friendship Department Store Co., nominal Changning treasure from Guangzhou City Road Footwear Company Limited (supply) of the "Pierre Cardin (Pierre cardin)" brand men's shoes (Model specifications: 10G142A), Shanghai Lotus Supermarket Chain Store Co., Ltd. Wenshui nominal sales "Nuneat cheap jordans for sale on Dayton (NONEDU)" brand men (Model: 2191) will be reached by the Shanghai Footwear Company Limited (supply), the peel strength, overall appearance and other indicators of failure, in addition, the batch of "Nuneaton Dayton (NONEDU) "brand men's leather nominal floor leather, measured as synthetic leather, fabric materials and nominal serious discrepancies. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)item: 705417-138 release date: March 14thIn order to meet this year Reebok basketball engrave cheap jordans for sale mens d wind, in the earlier launched a number of classic engraved Question Mid, Answer and other basketball shoes. Even the former NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal's classic shoes Reebok Shaq Attaq and Reebok Shaqnosis back to basketball arena. Shoes re-introduce and get a very good market response. Recently such good news has come to Hong Kong. Reebok basketball tide strong revival in July has two trump card of Shaquille O'Neal Shaq Attaq and Shaqnosis debut, it will be launched in August of three Original Colorway shoes. & nbsp; Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping V55083 In addition to white with blue color outside the home of the Orlando Magic, Reebok and then back to the 1992 number one O'Neal another type of cell dark blue color Shaq Attaq, on behalf of Magic to commemorate O'Neal "guest" status participated in the competition. The main use of black leather shoes, body building, followed by the transfer Chengyuan Zu shoes white blue color Shaq Attaq, with rich metallic blue nylon. Shaquille O'Neal in 1992 belong to the first batch of exclusive shoes, one black and one white Shaq Attaq sin cheap foamposites ce its launch has been well received by the fans chasing sticks, now back Yahata 90s brought a strong basketball engraved tide. & nbsp; V51848 Shaqnosis is Reebok cooperation with Shaquille O'Neal, Dream Shoes regarded by many fans of one of the shoes. Exaggerated bold design, eye-catching appearance, put it on the court led to a public run the absolute envy! Following the July launch of the black and white color Shaqnosis, then engraved August Reebok launched two classic color combination of shoes, it is the color that are n cheap jordan shoes for men ot available for sale when the original had. Nerazzurri Shaqnosis use Shaquille O'Neal in 1992, while the new champion to join the NBA team Orlando Magic famous colors, mainly black shoes, coupled with the blue oval texture, to create black and blue color Shaqnosis. Design is quite special, the details of the design was not of any version. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; V51849 red and white color of Shaqnosis use on behalf of Miami Heat Miami's red and white design is made, the outlook is still the reference Ganso Shaqnosis buil Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping d. Basketball career, O'Neal then added the Miami Heat over the creation of this unique sense of classic shoes. In the name of Shaquille O'Neal designed Reebok Shaq Attaq and Reebok Shaqnosis, shoes with soles printed with Reebok Logo and O'Neal's Dunkman Logo, greatly improving the value of the collection! designated shops for sale: Reebok shop - Harbour City Ocean Terminal, 2nd Floor, Shop No. OT271 (Tel: 2736-7010) Reebok stores - 3rd floor, 1 Tuen Mun Town Plaza, Shop No. 3285 (Tel: 2104-2113) WAN KEE Yun Kee - Fa Yuen Stre Cheap air jordans for sale et, 11a Shop (Tel: 2332-4113)Federal Court ultimately rejected the Mexican National Footwear Association against Nike's zero tariff imports of Chinese-made sneakers appeal. Fourth Administrative Litigation Court rejected the Mexican National Footwear Association and the state of Jalisco, Guanajuato footwear industry associations including the Mexican Ministry of Economy change the appeal January 28, 2004 resolution of the Nike imported under this resolution, Chinese shoes anti-dumping duties. This case began in 2002, when Nike refused to imports from China sneakers pay 1000% anti-dumping duty, and to sue the court claimed. Nike has 74 factories in China, including 17 producing tennis shoes. But China's footwear exports to Mexico due to legitimate anti-dumping duty has been in a downward trend, in 2001 accounted for only 2.8 percent of Mexican imports of footwear. October 7, 2003, a federal judge Alvaro Tovilla Le & oacute; n Mexican Economy Ministry announced anti-dumping measures illegal. For Nike's interest, the second instance ruling must be recognized, but this time by the Jos & eacute; Manuel Razo Mexican Ministry of Economic Affairs is responsible for the Legal Bureau is no time to appeal. Monday, October 27, has been prepared to be presented in the revised program before October 23, and in fact, on Friday the 24th is the deadline for appeal already a. Thus, the second administrative court proceedings in order to reject the appeal time limit is exceeded the Ministry of Economy, in the first instance to give effective protection to continue, Nike footwear products exempt from six major categories of anti-dumping duties until 2007 only. February 24, 2004, each Footwear Association to apply for a new protection is Tovilla five months after a judge rejected because the event has been. The resolution recognized the fourth court. Tovilla judge recalled, "the final verdict on the case to protect 1264/2003, the Mexican Ministry of Economy charter no legal provision authorizing the Department of International Trade unlawful conduct of the proceedings, and therefore the behavior of the Ministry of Economy is illegal." .